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Please read below, any assistance is appreciated by the family.


12/22/2020 We lost our beloved Yvonne Rodriguez.. There are no words to express the impact Yvonne had in our lives, she was also an amazing aunt, godmother, daughter, sister and friend to many. We are trying to raise money to have a beautiful funeral which we believe she deserves to have. We do not want to have her kids and parents to be left with all the financial stress that comes with organizing a funeral, so we thank you in advance for helping our family. Yvonne was murdered at the Kohlโ€™s in Whittier by her husband after years of domestic abuse, physical and mental. Unfortunately, her son witnessed the entire dispute between his mother and father at the department store. Yvonne was an amazing mother to two kids. Her son just turned eight and her daughter just turned 22. We also trying to raise money so that we, as a family, can enroll her son in emergency counseling.

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