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Pursue an Education in Criminal Justice/Forensics

The various members of the American Criminal Justice System are truly our nation’s frontline leaders.  Whether it is a police officer, an emergency communications operator, an investigator, any of the members of the court, or the various forensic experts, the men and women who devote their lives to the mission, cause, and profession of the administration of criminal justice place themselves in a critical gap. 


Serving in this area of public service is particularly and increasingly difficult.  Young men and women who want a career in the area of criminal justice administration should do so knowing that much is expected and with technology and social needs evolving there is an increasing emphasis on new training and more education.

The La Habra Police Memorial Foundation, Inc. is glad to support tomorrow’s frontline leaders emerging from our community.


The Osornio Scholarship was established in May of 2011. One graduating senior student from La Habra High School/North Orange County ROP Legal and Law Program is awarded a $500 scholarship. The goal of this scholarship is to ease the financial burden for students who are entering higher education.


Change Starts Here

Retired Sergeant R. Vernon Mangels, and the La Habra Police Memorial Foundation, Inc., are proud to support tomorrow’s leaders emerging from our community.


Since June of 2014, a $1,000 scholarship has been awarded to graduating seniors from La Habra High School, Sonora High School, and Whittier Christian High School. 


The goal of this scholarship is to ease the financial burden for students who are entering higher education.


Following the application process, qualified candidates will be asked to participate in an oral interview prior to the selection of the scholarship recipients.



When I realized how stressful finding the money for college could be, I knew I could not sit there and do nothing about it. As soon as I heard about the Education First scholarship, offered by the La Habra Police Memorial Foundation, I immediately saw an opportunity to ease the financial burden my family and I were experiencing. The LHPMF made the process of applying easy, and I felt comfortable throughout the short interview. It was clear that everyone at the LHPMF truly wants to see students succeed in higher education, and I was ecstatic to find out I was a recipient. This scholarship money will help me pay for various school supplies, books, and my tuition. In the end, I could not be more grateful for the opportunity that the LHPMF has given me and other students to pay for higher education and ultimately achieve their dreams in life. Submitted by M. Arp


Dear President Craig Hentcy and Secretary Christina Nunez

I would like to thank The La Habra Police Memorial Foundation for selecting me for the 2022

Sergeant R. Vernon Mangels “Education First” Scholarship. The $1,000 scholarship will help me

to apply it towards my tuition at Harvey Mudd College, in Claremont CA, this coming fall where I

plan to major in Engineering. I look forward to making innovative cutting-edge discoveries to

help humanity and be a contributing member to our society.

Once again, thank you so much for believing in me and supporting me to continue my

education. The City of La Habra is truly a close-knit and “Caring Community.”


Thank you from a Proud Highlander!

T. Kaufman

La Habra High School

Class of 2022


I would like to formally thank the La Habra Police Memorial Foundation, Inc. for naming me the recipient of the 2022 Education First Scholarship Award. This award will help ease my financial burdens as I enter into my first year of college at Biola University. Your generosity has helped me pay the expenses of my textbooks and class fees. As I have decided to pursue a degree in Elementary Education, I feel honored to be the recipient of this award. You are helping me pursue my academic interests so that one day I can give back to students in my local community. I cannot express my gratitude enough to the LHPMF. Thank you for this honor and for your generosity.


God bless,

Lauren Ashworth 

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